Hopkins County Clerk Services

Attention: If your automobile registration renewal card says “SEE PVA,” please call 270-821-3092
For questions about a driver’s license please call 270-399-7417


The Hopkins County Clerk’s Office offers the following services plus many more: automobiles are licensed, people record legal documents, businesses file property liens, couples apply for marriage licenses, notary publics are commissioned, delinquent real estate taxes are collected, citizens register to vote. Keenan and her deputies are happy to serve each person with Value, Integrity and Performance. This office treats all citizens with VIP service.

Keenan Cloern

Keenan Cloern

Hopkins County Clerk

Over the years the Clerk's Office has moved into the technology age, becoming faster, easier, and more efficient for taxpayers to access their services. Staying current with all the technology that becomes available assures the preservation of the county's documents and legal records for generations to come, saving time and money for the taxpayers and the Clerk's Office.

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Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM