The Hopkins County Clerk’s office is responsible for the recordation and preservation of certain documents.  Please contact our office for information regarding the recording of your document.  For a detailed schedule of fees associated with the recordation process, click here.

Wills and name changes are handled through our Deed Room / Probate Department. After a will or a name change is approved by Probate Court they will be brought to the Hopkins County Clerk’s Office to be recorded.

  • The recording fee for a will is $47 for the 1st 5 pages and $3 for each additional page.

  • The recording fee for a name change is $43. 

Our office is pleased to announce that we offer electronic certified copies.  If you are in need of a certified copy of a recorded document, no longer will it be necessary to come down to the office to receive your certified copy.  Simply call the office and let us retrieve your document, we can then electronically certify the document, process the fees via credit/debit transactions, and email you your copy.  Please contact us for more details.